Swedish Quality Headwear Since 1885

When speaking of tradition and history at CTH Ericson, we mean it. Way back in 1885 Carl THeodor Ericson opened a shop selling hats and caps in the small town of Borlänge in Sweden.

Carl Theodor soon expanded the business from simply having the store to start making his own hats and caps. The new hat factory opened 1902 and the business grew, and in the 1950s the number of employees at the hat factory was 230, during that time CTH was the largest workplace for women in town. Even today, we hear many stories of grandmothers and aunts who been involved and contributed to CTH’s history.

We still manufacturing selected models in the hat factory. Otherwise, we use a few small selected suppliers within EU that can deliver the quality as a CTH hat requires.

CTH Ericson strive to only use fabrics and other supplies originating in Europe, all in order to provide such a locally and environmentally friendly product as possible.

Today, 135 years after Carl THeodor started the business, we still are a family business and a distinguished heritage company. At CTH Ericson we always trying to be cultivators of our rich, long heritage, while at the same time looking to the future and exploring the possibilities to design new classics for our contemporary times.


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