CTH MINI is CTH Ericson’s collection for children, from infants and up to about 10 years old.

The CTH MINI brand was established in 2009, when a new generation in the family business was born. CTH MINI has filled a gap in the kids fashion industry with its retro-styled gentlemen’s caps, hats, and bonnets.

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Freddy Jr. Mono Pink
Freddy Jr. Mono White
Freddy Jr. Seersucker Blue
Freddy Jr. Seersucker Red
Solhatt för barn
Gillis Jr. Seersucker Red
Indra Jr. Roses Dark Blue
Indra Jr. Roses Light Blue
Indra Jr. Seafare Beige
Indra Jr. Seafare Blue
Ines Jr. Denim Flower Blue
Jamie Jr. Pique Blue
Jamie Jr. Pique Red
Jamie Jr. Pique White
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